Does Professional Video Impresses Audiences More Than Amateur Video?

The old Quality vs Quantity debate rears its head often in the world of online video marketing. Is it better to focus on producing as many videos as possible or as few videos as possible of the highest quality?Why Quantity Can MatterQuantity can matter when it comes to the effectiveness of your online video marketing campaign but it’s no indicator of success. Quantity only helps for two reasons:1 Regularly producing a large quantity of valuable videos can help keep your audience engaged. According to YouTube their users upload enough content every day to span 8 years when played back to back. Making sure you give your clients something to watch at least once a week will keep your signal from getting washed away in all that noise.2 Releasing a lot of video increases the chances that one of them will go viral. Even the best online video professionals will admit there’s a certain level of unpredictability surrounding what videos will hit and what won’t, which means the more video you produce the more likely you’ll produce a hit.

Producing a regular stream of high quality video is difficult on your own but is much easier if you’re working with video production professionals.Are Viral Videos Really Unpredictable?Let’s take a minute to dissect the “unpredictability” of hit videos a little deeper. Yes, on one level no one knows what will hit and what won’t. On the other hand every hit video has one thing in common- it provides a lot of value to its viewers. A high value video won’t necessarily get big exposure but a low value video never will.Quality is King If you have to choose between the two it’s better to focus on pure quality over pure quantity. Producing a small number of very high quality videos will create success more reliably than producing a ton of low quality videos.Just because a video seems to have a lot of views doesn’t mean that video really engaged its visitors. Visible Measures conducted a study and found for the average video at least 20% of its viewers clicked away within 10 seconds or less. By the 30 second mark a third of the video’s viewers have left. Nearly half leave by a minute in and 60% leave by 2 minutes in.Don’t be fooled by raw viewing numbers. A low quality video that seems to have a lot of viewers hasn’t necessarily made an impact on any of those viewers. The higher quality your video the more you will engage your viewers and retain them for your whole message.

Producing High Quality VideosLet’s be clear about something. There’s a very good chance you won’t be able to produce a high quality video on your own. Not only are you unlikely to create a video with high quality production values on your own you probably won’t know how to craft compelling, engaging messages on your own. Just like you would hire a professional copy-writer to create your website’s content it’s wise to hire a professional video producer or production company to spearhead your online video marketing campaign.